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Long story... :

I Managed to store my private contacts of my mobile phone in my corporate Exchange-account. That was a pretty simple and efficient way to keep my contacts up to date and sync to multiple devices like smartphones (Windows Mobile, Android, Windows Phone), my workstation and of course my laptop including the WebAccess. To be independent of my corporate Exchange Server, I decided toset up "my OWN Exchange! With Blackjack! AND ... !" ;-) As I wrote earlier: i have an Atom D525 file server running Debian stable for more then one year on it. So, i read a little bit and decided to set up the Community version of Zarafa, since only two users will use it for z-push (contacts, calander, instant mailing). But there is a small problem: I have houndrets of privat contacts in my Exchange account, I collected over the last years...

... short:

I had to migrate contacts from Exchange 2010 to Zarafa 7. After reading some docs i found a way:

Since i didn't want to crap out my workstation at work with additional Zarafa related stuff, u used my virtual WinXP x86 crap-test-machine on a HyperV server. So to get prepared you will need those things as in the documentation discribed:

  • Outlook
  • Zarafa client
  • .NET framework 2.0 or above
  • Zarafa Migration tool

After installing you can now do the interesting stuff.

  • create a .pst file with your contacts (or whatever you want to migrate)
    • (Outlook 2010) file > options > advanced > export > export into a file > outlook file (.pst) > select "contacts" > choose path (like: "d:\stuff\contacts.pst")
    • MUY IMPORTANTE!!! Let the password fields BLANK! Else the migration tool won't be able to read the data!
  • create a mapping pst zo zarafa csv file
    • a template is in the installation folder of the Zarafa Migrationg tool ("C:\Program Files\Zarafa\Zarafa Migration Tool\")
    • pick the "mapping_pst_to_zarafa_template.csv". it contains following information:
      • datasourceuser,destinationuser
      • PstDataSourceUser1.pst,ZarafaDestinationUser1
      • PstDataSourceUser2.pst,ZarafaDestinationUser1
    • just edit it:
    • exaple:
      • foo@example.com,bar@home.server.net
      • contacts.psd,bar
    • save the edited file to the same folder as the psd file (like: "d:\stuff\mapping_pst_to_zarafa_foo_bar.csv")
  • if you are not at home and doing this outside your home network
    • open and forward port 236 for Zarafa (or/and 237 for SSL connection) on your router at home

Now we can do the magic (actually pretty boring basic stuff):

  • verify you are able to ping your zarafa server or your zarafa domain (note/copy the IP)
  • start the Zarafa Migrator (Start > Programs > Zarafa Migration Tool)
  • select "Import PST files to Zarafa Server"
  • choose your Log Level and Filters (I deactivated them, since I only wanted to migrate my contacts and no Junk)
  • specify the FOLDER that contains your PST file (like: "d:\stuff\")
  • paste the IP of your pinged Zarafa server (like: or for SSL)
  • enter a Zarafa (admin!) user and password
    • it MUST be a user who have administraive rights in Zarafa
    • its a user who was createt with the " zarafa-admin -c" command and the "-a 1" flag
  • choose your "mapping_pst_to_zarafa_foo_bar.csv" file
  • doublecheck everything to avoid mistakes
  • start the migration.

That's it. Enjoy your contacts (or whatever you want) now in your own Zarafa account.

Well, at least I do. :-)

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